Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Party 2010

The Twenty Club Holiday Party will be held on Saturday, Dec 18. This will be
held at the MCC (Metropolitan Community Church) 155 Wyllys street, Hartford.
(Please note the Location!)

We will open to setup for the meal at 12 noon and we plan to serve at about 1
pm. This is not the regular meeting date, the party will be our only agenda and
we will plan to be all finished by 4 pm.
This is a great time and a wonderful opportunity to see people we haven't seen
in a while. Please consider coming. The MCC location has a full kitchen and
plenty of tables and utensils. We are very lucky to have use of this facility.
I thank the MCC congregation for this opportunity.

The meal is structured as usual. We provide the Turkey, gravy and
stuffing along with plates, etc. Everyone else contributes by
bringing something to share. This works best if everyone brings
something different. Attached to this is a list of who is bringing
what. If you plan to come add your name and food contribution to the
message and replay to the list (remember the default reply would be to
me so you need to change that.) If you decide to come at the last
minute please do! Check what is on the list and bring something
different. Suggestions: Potato dish, vegetable dish, salad of some
sort, stuffing, desert (always popular.) Please bring your own drinks if you
want something other than coffee or water.

 Come Join us!


We will have THREE (3) meetings this December. There will be regular meetings
on the 11th and 25th (more on this later) and the party on the 18th. Regular
meetings will be at the HGLHC as normal and the party will be at the
Metropolitan Community Church of Hartford, 155 Wyllys Street, Hartford.

The meeting on the 25th will be held for any and all who feel the need for a
place to go that day. I will not be leading the meeting but the President of
the Club will be there to open and lead the meeting. We will plan to have some
refreshments that day. If there is no attendance then the meeting leader may
decide to close early.

We hope the season finds you all well and that you are safe, healthy and happy.
The Twenty Club is a support group run by and for the transsexual community. Historically, The Twenty Club has close ties with the Gender Identity Clinic of New England, Inc., but the organizations are separate. Our Purpose is to provide knowledgeable information and ongoing peer support to transsexuals though the many stages of their transition as well as information about the Gender Identity Clinic of New England, Inc and alternatives. Friends and relatives are encouraged to attend in the hope of gaining a greater understanding and acceptance of their loved one's gender dysphoria. The Twenty Club is non-profit and non-sexual. We are not a religious organization and have no affiliation with any religious denomination. We hold no prejudice against any other group of people


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